• 2023

    Adaptive resizer-based transfer learning framework for the diagnosis of breast cancer using histopathology images

    Okan Duzyel, Mehmet Sergen Catal, Ceyhun Efe Kayan, Arda Sevinc and Abdurrahman Gumus

    Signal, Image, and Video Processing link
  • 2023

    Real-time superficial vein imaging system for observing abnormalities on vascular structures

    Ayse Altay and Abdurrahman Gumus

    Multimedia Tools and Applications link
  • 2023

    Intensity and phase stacked analysis of a Φ-OTDR system using deep transfer learning and recurrent neural networks

    Ceyhun Efe Kayan, Kivilcim Yuksel Aldogan and Abdurrahman Gumus

    Applied Optics link
  • 2023

    Deep reproductive feature generation framework for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and viral pneumonia using chest X-ray images

    Ceyhun Efe Kayan, Talha Enes Koksal, Arda Sevinc and Abdurrahman Gumus

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